Baap kamai Zindabaad Gujarati PlayBaap kamai Zindabaad

Mehul Buch
Manish Mehta
Shafique Ansari
Ravi Parmar
Jyothika Shah
Ambika Ranjankar

Directed By: Tushar Joshi

Synopsis: The title of the play says it all. Let the father earn so that children can make merry. Narender Maniar (Mehul Buch) is a rich business man who has his retail outlets all over the country. His family takes his hard-earned money for granted. His wife (Ambika Ranjankar) lives the heady life of a socialite and the children’s well-being is ignored.

As a result, Maniar’s son, Sagar and daughter, Prathana lead aimless lives. If Sagar is a spendthrift, Prathana parties till late in the night in the company of her boyfriend. Narender’s family seems to go astray till his best friend comes up with an idea to make everyone realize their follies.

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