Kajal Dholayu Kankuma
Kajal Dholayu Kankuma

Sharad Vyas,
Amay Harpane,
Babul Bhavsar,
Manisha Purohit,
Mitil Jain.,
Vipra Rawal

Genre : Drama


Kajal Dholayu Kunkuma is a Gujarati Natak about the son of a man who belongs to a middle class family. Soon to be married to Ekta. Enticed by Kaku Seths offer Vaibhav decides to marry her. However, he is in a fix, as he has to call off his engagement to Ekta.To call off the engagement Vaibhav spins a web of lies. After some time Vaibhav realizes his folly as his plan backfires. Watch to know what happens next.

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