Radha Rani Mumbai Na Shethani

Cast :
Hari Dave
Rajesh Mandloi
Chhaya Vora,Rajendra Butala
Vaishali Parmar

Synopsis :

RADHA RANI MUMBAI NA SHETHANI is the riveting story of two cousins, Radha and Nandita and whose personalities are the epitome of good and evil. Nandita and her bossy mother are true gold-diggers and the story begins when this greed causes a major rift between the sisters. Kalrav is a dashing, young and rich bachelor who visits the small town of Nadiad to consider Radha for marriage. But the scheming mother-daughter play a trick on him and Kalrav decides to marry Nandita instead.

When Kalravs father Dhanpat finds out, he offers to take the sweet and innocent Radha to Mumbai so she too can get her moment in the sun. When Radha moves to Mumbai she proves that she was nothing but a diamond in the rough and her personality blossoms. But when Radha realizes the trick that has been played on Kalrav and her, she decides to teach the mother-daughter duo a lesson. What ensues is a dramatic and engrossing plot of revenge and realization. How will Radha prove to everyone that She should be the one marrying Kalrav.

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