Parnine Pastaya Gujarati NatakParnine Pastaya


Rasik Dave, Ketki Dave, Sharad Sharma, Megha Joshi, Gayatri Rawal, Manishaq Mehta, Mukesh Rawal, Priya sartape, Sunil Harishchandra, Swapnil

Genre: Drama, Humor


This musical comedy revolves around the story of Madhur, a man who married out of love only to realize that idealized notions of love, change after marriage. Jaya, a typical homemaker and her romantic husband Madhur. He wants Jaya to look fashionable and be as romantic as him. However, Jaya, who is a religious fanatic and bogged down with daily chores, has no time for romance and refuses to oblige Madhur. Fed-up, Madhur has an affair his secretary Rekha, and even goes to the extent of marrying her. Suchak, Jaya's best friend and well-wisher, advises her to teach Madhur a lesson of his life. Jaya decides to pass on the reins of the household responsibilities to Rekha.

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