Parka Baira Saune Game Gujarati PlayParka Baira Saune Game

Hamant Bhatt,
Mit Shah,
Hutokshi Patel,
Bimal Manglia,
Meena Kotak,
Pratima T,
Kalyani Thakar,
Priti Makvana,
Vimal Upadhayay

Director: Bimal Manglia


The play revolves around Manoj Kumar is a flirt by nature and has affairs with numerous women. He believes that every woman is after his money and therefore he has the full right to use them. He does even not care about his wife who loves him a lot. Manojs housemaid Champli takes matters in her hand. She decides to teach Manoj a lesson. What will be her plan of action. To know more watch Parka Baira Soune Game.

Watch Part 1 to 12 (Playlist):

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