Jadbesalak Gujarati NatakJadbesalak

Nitin Trivedi,
Pratim Parekh,
Dilip Somaiya

Director: Dilip Somaiya

Producer: Dilip Somaiya

Genre: Thriller


Mohan and Mohini are in love with each other, and would like to get married. Mohini's dad owes considerable money to Saigal, and is unable to repay this amount, even in instalments. Saigal proposes to Mohini to marry him, and he will forgive this loan, and the subsequent humiliation. Mohini asks Mohan to try and make arrangements for this amount, and Mohan agrees to do so. He sells all his possessions, and is able to accumulate enough to meet this loan amount. However, when he takes the money to Mohini, he finds out that she is in the process of getting married to Saigal, and will have nothing to do with him.

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