Baa Ne Gher Babo Aavyo Gujarati Play
Pratap Sachdev,
Paresh Bhatt,
Amish Tanna,
Sanjay Goradia
Pallavi Pradhan,
Leena Shah

Vipul Mehta


Motherhood is a blessing but at the age of 55 it can be fatal. Vrinda and KK are a lonely couple, who have lost all hopes to bear a child of their own. Anahita, Vrinda's niece enters into their life and shows them a ray of hope. Artificial Insemination is what she suggests.

Vrinda agrees and finally conceives and becomes pregnant at 55. How will our society, our moral police approve of her act? What about the medical complications before and after the birth? Will she be able to set an example for hundreds and thousands Vrindas in this country?

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