Bapa Sitaram Gujarati MovieBapa Sitaram


Gaurang, Raja, Altaf, Kalpana Desai, Dimple Bhatt, Hiral Shah, Uma Dixit, Kanchi (Nepali Actress)

Director: Hemant Raj

Producer: H L Makwana

Released Year: 2006


Bapa Sitaram is a folk tale. Bhaktiram, son of Hiradas and Shivkunvarba who belonged to the Ramanandi society, was a divine person. Shivkunvarba was traveling towards her parents village during her pregnancy, when Bhaktiram was born near a Hanuman temple. After passing his childhood in Lakhanka, he renounced all attachments and walked towards Ayodhya where he received Diksha from Jagat Guru Shri Sitaram. With the Gurumantra BAPA SITARAM he again came back to Lakhanka. Giving honour to the phrase Sadhu to Chalta Bhala he started roaming with the intention of helping society and spreading the message of Bapa Sitaram, and performing miracles.

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