Toh Lagi Sharat


Jayesh Barbhaya,
Vikas Kadam,
Devyani Thakkar,
Dimple Hathi,
Janhvi Chheda

Director: Abhay Harpale

Producer: Varsha Joshi, Rajubhai Bhuta, Jagat Dalal

Genre: Comedy

Release Year : 2005


A challenging love story! A love story that accepts a challenge descends into despair before the lovers can unite. Four friends, Param his girlfriend Sanjana, and the other couple Bandya and his lover Priya. While Bandya and Priya are lucky to have their love accepted by their families, Param and Sanjana have to face the shenanigans of Tribhuvandas, Sanjana's father. Somehow they manage to convince Tribhuvandashas to give Param a chance. Tribhuvandashas has only one thing to say, “Prove yourself, earn 25 lakh Rupees in one month and I will accept you”. Param takes the challenge. What he does to get this amount and with what consequences from the highlights of this hilarious play.

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