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Ami Trivedi,
Anand Goradia,
Samir Shah,
Homi Wadia,
Devyani Thakkar

Director: Homi Wadia

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Prakash Dani, Jeetendra Joshi

Release Year: 2006


An addict of a husband Anand, and a wife Priya, who tries to save the marriage at all costs. They have a son, Hardik. Not able to reconcile their differences, they separate. Years later Hardik is stricken with a mysterious ailment. The only cure for this is for the couple to come together again, and create a new life, a child. A new life that could save an older one. “Will this avtaar come to earth”? Can Hardik be saved? See this electrifying drama.

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