Ek Meethi Munzwan Gujarati Play buy vcd onlineEk Meethi Munzwan

Anand Goradia,
Nihar Thakkar,
Chirag Acharya,
Hiralal Thakkar,
Vipra Rawal,
Bhairavi Vaidya,
Purvi Vyas,
Keyuri Shah

Director: Amit Divetia

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

Released Year: 2006


A wonderful story about two brothers. The elder brother decides to get married and informs his parents about it. But fate has something else planned for him and he meets with an accident and goes in the state of COMA. A beautiful girl called Sapna visits the hospital only to be mistaken as Vijay's love interest. She decides to act as Vijay's love interest to prevent any further shock to Vijay or her family. Now Vijay's younger brother also falls in love with her. What will happen to this strange love story? What will happen when Vijay's family find out the truth about Sapna? Watch Ek Meethi Munzwan to know more.

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