Sanat Vyas,
Abhay Harpade,
Saunil Daru,
Kapil Bhuta,
Harsh Mehta,
Pallavi Pradhan Gosavi,
Shreya Arun,
Director: Vipul Mehta
Producer: Sanjay Goradia
Genre: Drama
Release Year: 2009


JANTAR MANTAR is a supernatural thriller which will test your belief, and ultimately your faith. A teenage girl becomes a target of terrifying demonic forces that shocked the world. But was she, as many believed, possessed?

In an attempt to defend a modern day tantrik (A graduate in Sanskrit from the Benaras University), who exorcised the girl, a lawyer takes on the task against her ex-husband who himself is public prosecutor. The play, inspired by true events, is a chronicle of the haunting trial of the Tantrik.

It awakens you to the discovery that the powerful forces may actually exist. This disturbing play unfolds like a recurring nightmare from which there is no coming around.

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