Lage Raho Gujjubhai

Lage Raho Gujjubhai - Siddharth Randeria Super Hit Gujarati Natak of the Year

Ashwin Joshi Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai Gujarai Show

Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai - Most Popular Show on GujaratiShow.Com

Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu Gujarati Jokes

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya Gujarati Jokes Collection - Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu

Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish is a wonderful movie about the fascination of the Patels of migrating to the United States of America.

Kapat - Gujarati Natak

Kapat Gujarati Natak DVD buy onlineKapat


Mukesh Rawal,
Dinyar Contractor,
Anjana Desai,
Sachi Joshi

Director: Dinyar Contractor

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi, Prakesh Dani

Genre: Thriller

Release Year: 2005


An estate worth millions! Numerous claimants. Not all of them honest or honorable. The various schemes and ploys tried by all and sundry generate laughter, while all the time we are left guessing, “Who will inherit the millions?”. Watch this thrilling play.

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Motina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha (1999) - Gujarati Movie

Motina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha Gujarati Movie Buy VCDMotina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha

hiten kumar,
roma manek,
aarti patel,
mahesh vaid,
jamini trivedi,
Feroz Irani

Produce: Aarti patel,

Director: Sandeep patel,

Music: Dipesh Desai,

Singer: praful dave, vatsala patil, aashit desai, nisha pupdyay, bansari bhatt, niti mehta, darshan gandhi

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Mojilo Maharaj - Rasik Maharaj - Gujarati Jokes

Rasik Maharaj Kachi JokesMojilo Maharaj

Watch Hit Kachi Jokes - Mojilo Maharaj.

Artist: Rasik Maharaj.

Watch out for these hit kachi jokes by Rasik Maharaj from the album 'Mojilo Maharaj'.

Rasik Ni Ramuj - Rasik Maharaj - Gujarati Jokes

Rasik Maharaj Gujarati JokesRasik Ni Ramuj

Watch Superhit Kachi Jokes - Rasik Ni Ramuj. Laughter king Rasik Maharaj is back with his new kachi jokes from the album 'Rasik Ni Ramuj'.

Artist: Rasik Maharaj.

Editing: Manoj Parekh.

Produecr: Asha Parekh.

Avtaran - Gujarati Natak

Avtaran Gujarati Natak Buy DVDAvtaran


Ami Trivedi,
Anand Goradia,
Samir Shah,
Homi Wadia,
Devyani Thakkar

Director: Homi Wadia

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Prakash Dani, Jeetendra Joshi

Release Year: 2006


An addict of a husband Anand, and a wife Priya, who tries to save the marriage at all costs. They have a son, Hardik. Not able to reconcile their differences, they separate. Years later Hardik is stricken with a mysterious ailment. The only cure for this is for the couple to come together again, and create a new life, a child. A new life that could save an older one. “Will this avtaar come to earth”? Can Hardik be saved? See this electrifying drama.

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Lakho Fulani - Gujarati Movie

Lakho Fulani Gujarati Movie Buy CDLakho Fulani

Reeta bhaduri,
Dinu trived and others

Produce by: Digant Oza

Directed by: Narendra dave

Music: Gaurang Vyas

Simachinha - Gujarati Natak

Simachinha Gujarati Natak Buy VCDSimachinha


Mukesh Rawal,
Dharmendra Gohil,
Kamlesh Mota,
Minal Karpe,
Soniya Mehta

Director: Kamlesh Mota

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

Genre: Drama

Release Year: 2007


A widowed mother with two son Jitu & Aanad. For some reason the younger brother gets married earlier than the elder brother. The widow is now worried about her younger son. His behaviour is different now. Once, while arguing out of some misunderstanding Anand comes to know that Jitu is not his real brother. That is not the only shock. One after the other, secrets long buried and forgotten, spring up, shaking the family to its very foundations.

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Preet Na Jane Reet - Gujarati Natak

Preet Na Jane Reet Gujarati Play Buy DVDPreet Na Jane Reet

Cast :
Parag Shah,
Hemant Jha,
Yogesh Upadhyay,
Hitesh Sampat,
Jigesh Majumdar
Manisha Vora,
Manisha Purohit,
Suchi Joshi

Director: Arvind Vekaria

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Prakash Dani, Jeetendra Joshi

Genre: Comedy

Release Year: 2005


Sheth Natwarlal did not care about his son and daughter. Even though they were of marriageable ages and were in love Sheth Natwarlal did not have the time for them or their problems. Driven to desperation the brother and sister set a plot to teach their father a lesson of lifetime.

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Prem Panth - Gujarati Natak

Prem Panth Gujarati Play Buy DVDPrem Panth


Aliraza Namdar,
Mehul Buch,
Pravin Nayak,
Prashant Barot,
Master Deep Pathak,
Jitendra Sumra
Sharmili Raj,
Devyani Thakar

Director: Aliraza Namdar

Producer:Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

Release Year : 2008


Mihir and Urmi have recently shifted house. Mihir lives with his step brother Yagnesh, the consequence of his father’s extra marital affair. Yagnesh hates Mhir with all his being. He keeps tormenting Mihir and creates obstacles for him all the time. Yet Mihir keeps quiet. He has promised his dying father to look after Yagnesh. But Yagnesh keeps plotting not only to get Mihir’s wealth, but also his wife Urmi. But some one seems to be one step ahead of him all the time. Foiling his plans and stratagems. Who could it be?

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Halo Ne Desi Dayrama 2

Halo Ne Desi Dayrama 1

Rajja Lagyu To Teer - Gujarati Natak

Raja Lagyu To Teer buy dvd onlineRaja Lagyu To Teer

Ketki Dave
Rasik Dave
Dilip Rawal
Santu Rajada
Hitesh Dave

Director: Rasik Dave

Release Year: 2008


One architect and his beautiful wife and their happy family life. They have two houses, one at Pedar Road and other at Mud Island. On Monday to Friday they reside at Pared Road and on week end at Mud Island. Out of their knowledge, Avinash is residing at Mud Island from Monday to Friday and at Pedar Road on week end. Once moving towards Mud Island fight took place between husband and wife and wife came back to Pedar Road flat. At this side Avinash has called his girl friend Santu on Pedar Road flat her father and her boss follow her and reach to Pedar Road. Now starts the blunder. All this mix up creates unlimited laughter. Watch Ketaki Dave in same Aa ra ra ra theme.

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Paurush - Gujarati Natak

Paurush Gujarati natak buy dvdPaurush


Bakul Thakkar,
Kukul Tarmastar,
Karan trivedi,
Sharmili Raj,
Sachi Joshi,
Priti Jain

Director: Homi Wadia

Release Year: 2007


Esha and Avinash Parekh a married couple teach at the same college. Prateik eighteen years of age is a student at that college. He has a major crush on his teacher Esha but never expresses his feelings towards her. Due to a certain incident the students of the college start accusing Prateik of homosexualality and impotentency. Soon the rumour spreads in the entire college. Prateik goes under depression. Esha is the only one that does not believe in the rumours and supports him. Does she also have feelings for Prateik. What will happen when Avinash comes to know about this. This wonderful play touches those sensitive topics of the society which are considered a taboo.

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Marg Batave Maa Chamunda 2

Marg Batave Maa Chamunda 1