Pachi Kehta Nahi Ke Kahiyu Nahotu


Some time people fell that daughter are burden for family. But daughters only help parents to come out of difficult situation. A Slow learner girl also lives a normal life in the community and lives well qualified people behind Because of girl who does not understanding anything how her parents come out of difficult situation. This what Pachi Kehta Nahi Kayun Nahotu.


Dharmesh Vyas,
Dilip Darbar,
Jay Kapadia,
Surbhi Vyas,
Alpana Buch,
Amita Rajda

Director: Dharmesh Vyas

Producer: Kiran Bhatt

Released Year: 2009

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  1. Brilliant Natak. I really congratulate team for coming up with superb story and great acting by everyone... specially lady in lead - I guess SURBHI VYAS.

    My rating 4.7 / 5

    Team, continue coming up with Natak like this in future.