Sarhad Ni Paar Maari Radha This is the most interesting love story of Govind and Radha. Govind is living in the small village situated near the border of India- Pakistan. Govind fall in love with Radha, who was the daughter of rich Dhanraj Solanki. When Dhanraj comes to know about this love story, he swiftly arrange marriage of her daughter with the son of his close friend. Dhanaraj plays dirty tricks to deter Govind from the marriage of Radha. At the last moment Govind rushes to the marriage place and he runs away with Radha. Goons follow both and fire bullets on Govind. Govind gets injured badly and by mistake Radha gets entered in to the border of Pakistan and she was caught by the army of Pakistan. Now what will happen next?

Hitu Kanodia
Rakesh Pandey
Meghal Maniraj Barot
Ratansinh Vaghela
Kamlesh Barot
Jogaji Thakor
Dilip Devda
Firoz Irani
Ali Khan
Jayandra Mehta
Jemini Trivedi
Mitresh Varma

Director: Hitu Patel

Producer: Om Motion Picture Ltd.

Writer: Dashrath Mevad

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