Bahar Aav Tari Bairi Batavu Gujarati NatakBahar Aav Tari Bairi Batavu

Cast :
Jaydeep Shah
Meera Acharya
Kosha Munshi
Amit Bhatt
Kaushal Shah
Pravin Nayak
Sameer Rajda
Shashi Gaur
Rajul Divan

Co-Producer: Kamlesh Bhupatani

Director: Jaydeep Shah

Writer: Anil Mehta

Music: Tejash Shah


The story revolves around Madhav, his wife and his friend Manohar. The couple is married for 5 years. He keeps his wife happy and at the same time keep wooing other girls too. Once he goes to banglore, and her wife receives 3 calls all from girls, but she is so confident that her husband will not cheat her.

Her wife goes out of station for some time and he calls girls at his place. And his wife comes back from Jamnagar. And finds police in their house.

Why police is in their house? Is her husband is a part of any crime? Watch the drama to know more about the story.

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