Chhokari Chhakamchhol

Arvind Vekariya,
Tejal Vyas,
Anand Goradiya,
Charul Bhavsar,
Tanmay Vekariya

Driector: Arvind Vekariya

Producer: Creative Arts

Writter: Harish Nagarya


This is a story about a tom boy kind of a girl named Kiran who always keep herself happy. She believes to live her life on her own set rules. She is the one who never cares for others and lead her life as the way she wants without fearing about the people around her. She is smart, intelligent and a working girl.

In her office, her friend who is a sweet marwadi simple girl makes her understand about the true meaning of a girl and a woman. She explains her about the importance of girl’s life. He has a colleague Mr. Desai,who is a bachelor and has no family other than his uncle living in Africa. He love Kiran but is afraid of the office people and the society. Watch the play to know more. Whether he will able to propose Kiran? How will Kiran react to this? Is there any hidden motive with her behavior? What is the fact?

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