Hukam nu Panu Mara Hath Ma

Dinyar Contractor,
Mukesh Rawal,
Sachi Joshi,
Amit Devatiya,
Nitin Trivedi,
Kalyani Trivedi,
Jyotika Shah,
Hormus Chesan,
Farzil Pardiwala

Directed by: Firoz Bhagat

Produced by: Dinyar Contractor, Chitrak Shah


Alok Kothari owner of the Media Classic ad agency is attracted to the top model of her company Reshma. Reshma is found mysteriously dead in her own house. A police investigation lead by Inspector Bhaisani begins Inspector Joshi and Inspector Man Singh Parmar follows. Alok Kothari his wife Madhvi and his sister - in - law Neha are considered the prime suspects. But is Reshma actually dead? Who has killed her? The mystery will keep you at the edge of your seat. Watch this wonderful play Hukum Nu Panu Mara Hath Ma.

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