5 Star Aunty

Ketan Sagar,
Abhay Chandarana,
Dimple Danda,
Hetal Dedhia,
Malhar Thakar,
Mayur Bhavsar,
Vimal Patel,
Darshak Kathrotiya

Director: Vipul Mehta

Writer: Uttam Gada


Saroj Parekh has a heart of gold. She enjoys cooking for the needy and also serves them. This routine creates a revolution and many women follow her footsteps. Soon this becomes a mass movement with thousands of mothers and other volunteers joining in and tens of thousands of children getting home-cooked food daily. Saroj ben is the Five Star Aunty to the homeless kids. One night Sarojben witnesses an accident and while the bystanders just watch, she rushes the victim to the hospital. Happy to save somebody's life. She has no idea that this incidence will bring turmoil in her life and she has no clue what surprises and twists the fate has in the store for her.

Saroj ben is the Five Star Aunty to the homeless kids. But one night as Saroj ben becomes witness to an accident, her life changes.

Watch Full Natak Here - 5 Star Aunty Gujarati Natak

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