Sanjay Goradia,
Esha Kansara,
Alpana Buch,
Ajinkya Sampat,
Charul Bhavsaar

Director: Vipul Mehta

Writer: Mukesh Joshi and Hiten Anandpara

Gomti belongs to a poor family. Gomti's father, Jeevan is very good friends with Kishan Jagirdar, who is a rich landlord. Both of them decide to get their children married to each other, when they are born. Kishan leave for the USA and stays there for the next twenty years. Meanwhile Gomti falls in love with a local village boy Raghav. One fine day, Kishan returns with his wife and his son Munjhal. He speaks to Gomti's family about the marriage of his son Munjhal with Gomti. Munjhal is physically disabled and cannot walk but has undying love for Gomti. Now Gomti has to make the decision of her life. Whom will she finally marry, Raghav or Munjhal?

Rupiyani Rani Ne Dolario Rajja Full Natak

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