Nano Diyariyo Ladko

Roma Manek,
Deepak Dave,
Shalini kapoor,
Jeet Upendra,
Pratima - T,
Nayan Bhatt,
Jayant Vyas,
Indumati Rajda,
Ramesh mehta.

Directed by: Aatmaram Thakor

Produced by: Anilbhai sangani

Written by: Mukesh Malwankar


This is the story of the family, which was living with full of joy and happiness. Gopal is the blue eyed boy of his grandmother. But one day, Gopal parents die in bus accident. Now grandmother takes care of little Gopal. Uncle Shankar and aunty Mithi loves Gopal as their own son. Gopal grownup with his cousin brother Arjun and cousin sister Sawitri.

Arjun is very happy as Gopal is going to marry Gauri. Arjun arranges everything for the marriage of his elder brother Gopal. Gauri loves his younger brother in law Arjun. All are very happy, till maternal uncle - Mama Mayur of Arjun comes to stay with them. Everything gets spoiled as Mama Mayur play dirty politics among the family members.

To know what happens next, watch this social entertainment

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