Any Lady? I am Ready

Jaideep Shah,
Meera Acharya,
Krishna Maniyar,
Shekhar Joshi,
Tejas Shah,
Rajda Pravin Nayak

Director: Jaideep Shah

Writer : Jagdish Shah


The naughty protagonist has made raunchy plan to get cozy with his girl-friend Kreena at his place. All his impious desires are ruined when Kreena’s uncle unexpectedly visits his home looking for his niece. Uncle ends up sipping libido-booster drink that was actually meant for Kreena. He turns into an unruly bull whose desires are set on fire. Laughter ride begins as more and more characters end up having this drink unknowingly. Whosoever gulps down this aphrodisiac (namely Spanish Fly) has only one thing to say (rather yell) ANY LADY..? I am ready! Slapstick drama for all comedy lovers!

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