Hemant Pithadia
Director: Vipul Vithlani
Writer: Vinod Sarvaiya
Cast: Vipul Vithlani, Nilesh Joshi, Kinjal Bhatt, Jitendra Sumra, Khushbu Bharambhatt, Pratik Jadav, Jaimin Dave, Jatan Bhatt & Kamlesh Oza

It is the story of common man’s fight against our corrupt and faulty political system. Mahendra Gandhi (Vipul Vithlani) and his family is seeking justice for his son Ashish who has been a victim of bomb blast. Eventually, they manage to receive support from media. In the process, they realize that our society needs a revolution. To know what transformation they bring about, watch this thought-provoking drama.

Watch Gandhi Tari Beek Chhe Baaki Badhu Thik Chhe - Comedy Gujarati Natak

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