Producer: Kaushal Shah
Director: Anurag Prapan
Writer: Imtiaz Patel
Cast: Anurag Prapan, Kalyani Thaker, Khusboo, Bhavika Sanghvi, Achilesh Pandya, Krishna Shukla, Nilesh Patel, N.N.Shah, Devang Bhatt, Asit Shah & Dilip Darbar.

Raju Odedara – ‘wanted’ criminal needs famous lawyer Hitarth Mehta (Dilp Darbar) to protect him in the court of law. For some reason, he seems to record MMS clips of Hitarth obtaining warm with his secretary as well as attempts to blackmail the attorney. While Hitharth is unable to give up, Raju will take protect in his home aginst his will. As soon as right now there, Raju helps Hitarth’s family members overcome crisis they are going through. Is Raju truly a nasty person? What exactly is his true intention?

Hukkam No Ekko - Superhit Comedy Gujarati Natak

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