Producer: Pranav Tripathi
Director: Rahul Antani
Writer: Tushar Ishwar
Cast: Rajiv Mehta, Riddhi Dave, Rahul Antani, Ajay Parekh, Pinky Jain, Titiksha Pandya, Abhijit Chitre, Kashyap Desai & Pranav Tripathi

Heena (Riddhi Dave) moves into her good friend Rekha’s house after facing fight with her husband. There, Heena is allowed to realize that she could inherit Rs 500 crores from her uncle when she can confirm that she is leading happy marital life. Heena's uncle pays surprise visit as well as Heena ends up introducing Rekha’s spouse Dikabhai (Rajiv Mehta) as her hubby Rahul. One lie brings about a number of other lies and also comedy of mistakes starts.

Lagna Karta Lottery Laigi - Comedy Gujarati Natak

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