Synopsis:Jentibhai’s son Babu is known as to be an AIDs affected person. After Babu’s death, no one is able to get married to Babu’s wife Neelima. In spite of this, widower Sundarlal is extremely eager to get married to her. What exactly is his actual purpose? Jentibhai needs his younger son Gotu to get married Neelima. What precisely lady luck has available for Neelima? Mischievous maid-servant as well as raunchy dialogues will certainly tickle your humorous muscles.
Producer: Kaushal Shah
Director: Harish Panchal
Writer: Harish Panchal
Music: Deepak Gohil
Cast: Harish Panchal, Keyuri Shah, Piyush Adhiya, Rashna Karai, Vistasp Gotil, Arvind Vikaria & Hitesh Sampat

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