Masti Rahe Toh Life Hasti Rahe

Firoz Bhagat,
Apara Mehta,
Pritesh Sodha,
Khushali Jariwala,
Vaishali Shukla,
Arpit Joshi,
Arpit Thakkar,

Amit Divetia

Producer: Firoz Bhagat

Director: Firoz Bhagat

Writer: Pravin Solanki


‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is the motto of Ashwin Zaveri (Firoz Bhagat). He is blessed with wealth and happy family comprising of caring wife (Apara Mehta) and son who is a scientist. He is a kind of an atheist and doesn’t believe in destiny. On the contrary, his wife is a pious woman. Against their astrologer’s recommendations, Ashwin plans to get his son engaged to Rachna. Will the astrologer’s prediction prove true ? To know what lady luck has in store for them, watch this engaging and hilarious play. Keep laughing through ups and downs of life - the play conveys this core message very effectively.

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