Welcome To Dhamalpur

Jaydeep Shah,
Mira Acharya,
Paarth Desai,
Rajesh Solanki,
Swapnil Asgaonkar,
Jay Kapadia,
Megha Joshi & Anuj

Director: Jitendra Parmar

Producer: Raju Gandhi

Writer: Jitendra Parmar


Gambling-addict Bharat is already in debt trap. He can acquire his rich NRI uncle’s property if he fulfills his uncle’s two conditions. The first one being Bharat and his family should stay in uncle’s Dhamaalpur bungalow with his mentally challenged cousin Pintu for one month. Secondly, Pintu should not cry even once during this period. Bharat’s family members have a tough time as they try to keep Pintu happy and fulfill his every bizarre desire, which evokes hysterical laughter. Will Bharat acquire the fortune?

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