Half Ticket - Superhit Urban Gujarati Movie

Nayan Shukla,
Toral Trivedi,
Sanat Vyas,
Sharad Sharma,
Devendra Pandit,
Kanti Joshi and others

Producer: Ashok Sakariya

Director: Ashish Bhatt

Writer: Ashish Bhatt


Everything is fair in love and war. Luv (Nayan Shukla) and Ria (Toral Trivedi) are collegemates but they can’t stand each other. Eventually, they realize they are made for each other and want to tie a knot. Toral’s father Kanubha already has some ageold personal scores to settle with Luv’s father. When stubborn Kanubha lays down weird condition to let her daughter wed her true lover, lovebirds find equally bizarre way to fulfill his condition. This leads to humorous blunders and funny situations. This romantic comedy movie is a complete entertainer and veteran actors Sanat Vyas and Sharad Sharma undoubtedly cast their spell on audience.

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