Romeo & Radhika

Vidhi Parikh,
Tushar Sadhu,
Hemang Dave,
Shyam Nair & others

Producer: Suresh M. Shah

Director: Siddharth Trivedi

Writer: Siddharth Trivedi


Everyone will be able to relate to this contemporary movie. It deals with intricate subject of friendship turned love-affection and complications arising therefrom. Rahul (Tushar Sadhu) is already in love with his best friend Radhika (Vidhi Parikh), whereas Radhika thinks of him as a friend only. Two of their buddies help Rahul win Radhika’s heart. The sheer simplicity of their friendship would win your heart and remind you of your college days. You might even wish that you had such friends and college life. Comedy, music, photography, acting – make this movie a perfect entertainer

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