Bhakti Rathod, Rahul Antani, Parth Desai, Ghazal Rai, Kamlesh Shah, Mayur, Harish Panchal, Jaydeep Shah

Director: Rahul Antani

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Family Ni Dandikuch Gujarati Natak Review

FAMILY NI DANDIKUCH is a family gujarati drama that advocates ‘Gandhigiri’. A widower (Jaydeep Shah) is living with his disintegrated family which includes two sons and their wives. His two sons are poles apart. Elder one is henpecked husband who is married to a very domineering wife . The younger son, on the other hand is a very domineering husband whose wife is a typical ‘pativrata’ nari.

The father is always ignored by the family and both the sisters-in-law do not see eye to eye either. Their wives can’t stand each other at all.Their behavior further upsets the father and in frustration one day, he announces that he is going to remarry.The situation gets more complicated when a Tantrik visits their home with a miraculous remedy…but that too is misused.

The trick misfires and two sisters-in-law resort to Gandhigiri to set everything right. Ultimately, the two sisters-in-law realize their folly and unite to bring the family together, following Gandhiji’s principles.Does Gandigiri really work in modern times?

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