Aliraza Namdar,
Nimesh Shah,
Mukesh Vaishnav,
Dilip Somaiya,
Minal Padhiyar,
Mallika Shah,
Amita Rajda,
Tulsi Rajda.

Director: Dilip Somaiya

Release Year: 2007


Karuna Devi is living with her adopted son Suraj. Suraj is a gambler and a drunkard looking for a job. When he tries to steal Karuna Devi's jewellery to repay a loan he is caught by her and told to leave the house. Suraj leaves for Mumbai and lives there for the next five years. Karuna Devi gets a letter from Suraj that he is well settled and wants to return for a few days. He informs them that he has married a woman called Malika. After a few days Malika comes to live at Karuna Devi's house without Suraj. But Malika has a hidden motive. What are her true intentions? Where is Suraj?

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