Lage Raho Gujjubhai

Lage Raho Gujjubhai - Siddharth Randeria Super Hit Gujarati Natak of the Year

Ashwin Joshi Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai Gujarai Show

Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai - Most Popular Show on GujaratiShow.Com

Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu Gujarati Jokes

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya Gujarati Jokes Collection - Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu

Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish is a wonderful movie about the fascination of the Patels of migrating to the United States of America.

Pratham Prem - Vasant Paresh - Gujarati Jokes

Vasant Paresh Gujarati Jokes

Title: Pratham Prem

Singer: Vasant Paresh
Artist: Vasant Paresh
Director:Dinesh Patel
Producer:Sanjay Patel
Music Label:Shri Ram Audio And Telefilms

Part 1:

Part 2:

Safarjan Ni Side Kapi - Dhirubhai Sarvaiya Gujarati Jokes

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya Gujarati Jokes

Title: Safarjanni Side Kapi

Artist: Dhirubhai Sarvaiya

Director: Sanjay Patel

Producer: Sanjay Patel

Music Label: Shri Ram Audio And Telefilms

Part 1:

Part 2:

Chel Chabili Sonal - Gujarati Movie

Chel Chabili Sonal

Kiran Kumar,
Aruna Irani,
Padma Rani,
I Kumar

Directed by: S. J. Talukdar

Produced by: Bhavna R. Shah

Written by: Rafik Talukdar

Watch Chel Chabili Sonal very nice movie well acted by leading Gujarati actress.

Ramayan - Animated Kids Gujarati Movie

Ramayan - Full Animated Kids Gujarati Movie


The Ramayana is one of the great Hindu epics. It is ascribed to the Hindu sage Valmiki and forms an important part of the Hindu literature (smṛti), considered to be itihāasa.The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of Hinduism, the other being the Mahabharata. It depicts the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal father, the ideal servant, the ideal brother, the ideal wife, and the ideal king. The name Ramayana is a tatpurusha compound of Rāma and ayana ("going, advancing"), translating to "Rama's Journey". The Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses in seven books (kāṇḍas) and 500 cantos (sargas), and tells the story of Rama (an avatar of the Hindu supreme-god Vishnu), whose wife Sita is abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka (current day Sri Lanka). Incidentally the first letter of every 1000 verses (total 24) make the Gayatri mantra. Thematically, the Ramayana explores human values and the concept of dharma.

Baap Dhamaal Dikra Kamaal - Gujarati Movie

Baap Dhamaal Dikra Kamaal


Asrani, Naresh Kanodia, Hitu Kanodia, Amit Soni, Jogajee Thakor, Mugdha Shah, Mona Thiba, Pranjal Bhatt, Farida Mir, Tejas Shah, Vijay Chauhan.

Music: Maulik Mehta

Producer: Sushilkumar Agrawal

Director: Subhash Shah

Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan - Animated Kids Gujarati Movie

Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan Animated Kids Gujarati Movie with English Subtitles


Enjoy this wonderful animated biopic that narrates the tales of romance and chivalry of Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithiv was the king of the Chauhan dynasty, who ruled the kingdoms of Ajmer and Delhi in northern India during the latter half of the 12th century. Watch the adventures of the young Prithvi as he single handedly slays a lion. See how Prithviraj Chauhan elopes with his lover Samyukta and fights the invading Muhammad Ghori in an epic confrontation.