Lage Raho Gujjubhai

Lage Raho Gujjubhai - Siddharth Randeria Super Hit Gujarati Natak of the Year

Ashwin Joshi Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai Gujarai Show

Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nai - Most Popular Show on GujaratiShow.Com

Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu Gujarati Jokes

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya Gujarati Jokes Collection - Lagan Che Ke Dhinganu

Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish is a wonderful movie about the fascination of the Patels of migrating to the United States of America.

Baap Dhamaal Dikra Kamaal - Gujarati Movie

Baap Dhamaal Dikra Kamaal


Asrani, Naresh Kanodia, Hitu Kanodia, Amit Soni, Jogajee Thakor, Mugdha Shah, Mona Thiba, Pranjal Bhatt, Farida Mir, Tejas Shah, Vijay Chauhan.

Music: Maulik Mehta

Producer: Sushilkumar Agrawal

Director: Subhash Shah

Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan - Animated Kids Gujarati Movie

Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan Animated Kids Gujarati Movie with English Subtitles


Enjoy this wonderful animated biopic that narrates the tales of romance and chivalry of Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithiv was the king of the Chauhan dynasty, who ruled the kingdoms of Ajmer and Delhi in northern India during the latter half of the 12th century. Watch the adventures of the young Prithvi as he single handedly slays a lion. See how Prithviraj Chauhan elopes with his lover Samyukta and fights the invading Muhammad Ghori in an epic confrontation.

Prahlad - Animated Gujarati Movie With English Subtitles

Prahlad - Animated Children's Gujarati Movie


A wonderful tale from the Vishnu Purana. Prahlad is the story of a young prince who was born to the evil and very powerful Hiranyakashipu. Despite several warnings from his father Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada continues to worship Lord Vishnu instead of him. See how Lord Vishnu takes the Narsimha Avatar to save the young Prahlad from the wrath of his father.

Hasyanu Injection | Gujarati Hit Comedy | Dhirubhai Sarvaiya

Hasyanu Injection

Singer: Dhirubhai Sarvaiya

lyrics: Dildan Gadhavi, Jitubhai Gadhiya

Director: Sanjay Patel

Producer: Sanjay Patel

Music Label: Shri Ram Audio And Telefilms

Part 1:

Part 2:

Sagpan Na Saudagar - Gujarati Natak

Sagpan Na Saudagar

Manoj Joshi
Arvind Vakeriya
Parag Shah
Sanjay Bhatiya
Sachi Joshi
Preeti Jain


Krishnakant, an excise officer, gives up his share of the family business, because he does not subscribe his elder brother’s prescription of success at any cost. His wife, Manorama shares his views and stands by him. Ironically, his son Apurva, pampered and doted on by his parents, believes he can make money in a jiffy. For the son, like his uncle believes that success can be bought at the cost of relationships. When he makes a heavy loss in his business, his father imprudently promises to make it up. This act of his creates a whirlwind in the family relationships that shakes the family at its very core.

Direct Link to watch - Sagpan Na Saudagar

Gujarati Mothers Sometimes - Funny Video

Gujarati Mothers Sometimes - Funny Video

Description of Video: Here are a few things that I have Gujarati mums here over the years! Some of you may have seen this, some of you may not have. either way I LOVE MY MUM! Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Also feel free to share this with anyone who you think will relate! Jsk all day everyday.