Jo Baka Paranvu Toh Padej

Munni Jha,
Rajendra Butala,
Sheetal Ansani,
Dipti Talsania,
Shreyansh Kapasi,
Bhakti Ganatra

Producer: Sheela Butala

Director: Iqbal Munshi

Writer: Iqbal Munshi


Parth is staying with his grandfather and father. His marriage proposal has been turned down by many girls as there is no female in his family. He finds his prospective bride in his new neighbor - 19yrs old Piyu. His dreams get shattered when his father falls for Piyu’s mother. To add fuel to fire, his grandfather decides to wed Piyu’s grandmother Rupa who happens to be grandfather’s ex. Now, only one of these 3 Bakas can marry his Bakudi. Their conspiracies against each other make you burst into uproarious laughter.

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