Lafra Sadan Gujarati Natak
Vipul Vithalani,
Harish Panchal,
Saumil Daru,
Kukul Tarmaster,
Sachi Joshi,
Keyuri Shah,
Vaishali Panchal,
Kalyani Thakar
Director: Vidyut Shah

A govt. servant who tries to sell his bungalow but his every effort fails. Chhaganbhai is interested in buying his bungalow and going to visit it. Govt. servant asks his unmarried employee Naimil and a model to play a role of happily living couple to prove that the bungalow is in use and everybody is ready to buy it. And after arrival of Chhaganbhai chaotic laughter takes between them. How they convince Chhaganbhai to purchase the bungalow is guarantee of total entertainment. Watch the fully packed comedy Lafda Sadan.

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