Gaam Ma Piyariyu Gaam Ma Sasariyu

Roma Manek
Hiten Kumar
Firoz Irani
Sameer Rajda

Director: Govindbhai Patel


Gaam ma Piyaryu Aane Gaamma Sasaryu' is one such story from Dharampur village in Gujarat, where Jeshm's happy joint family lives together in peace and total harmony, synonymous with village life in Gujarat. Jesham has two sons and a daughter, Vijay Shyam and Maya. Vijay and Shyam are married to girls of the same village, rather sisters Vanita and Radha respectively. Both the sisters being brought up in virtuous environment shoulder the responsibilities of the household with respect, dignity and to complete satisfaction of each and every member of the family. There loving and caring nature sees the family blooming like a flower even in troubled times.

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