Som Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro Gujarati NatakSom Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro

Arvind Rathod,
Bijal Mehta,
Salil Mehta,
Mahesh Udeshi,
Padma Rani,
Vaishali Parmar,
Sheetal Rajda

Director: Suresh Rajda

Producer: Kaustubh Trivedi


Nikhilkumar Timbadiya is a lucky man. Even after years of married life and two grown up children, Nikhil and his wife Sheela love each other deeply. Faithful husband that he is, he distributes his weekdays Monday to Friday between his family and his work as a charted accountant. What about Saturdays and Sundays? When Nikhil says he has some company accounts to be checked Sheela believes him. After all he is a charted accountant, a number cruncher, what can he be up to? When Sheela and her children learn that the weekends, Nikhil is commuting between Pune and Mumbai all hell breaks loose. This charted accountant seems to be having rather deep liking for figures. Figures that do not appear on a balance sheet.

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