Pardesi Pritam Vela Aavjo

Actors: Pravin Patel, Kavisha Patel, Jayandra Mehta, Gemini Trivedi, Atul Patel, Ratna Rabari, Dipangi Raval, Mangal Desai, Harish Pandya, Bhagvat Bhavsar

Director: Pravin Patel

Producer: Pravin Patel

Music director: Jaykar Bhojak

Cinematographer: Prithvish Mistri

Editor: Mehul Shah

Story: Pravin Patel

Pardesi Pritam Vela Aavjo is a movie about a guy(Pravin Patel) who comes from foreign and a girl(Kavisha Patel) from a village and falls in love with him. After few days he returns back to foreign and the girl is shattered. The movie is about her struggle for love.

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