Moti Verana Chawk Ma

Snehlata, Naresh Kanodia, Feroz Irani, Chandrakant Pandya, Shobha Pradhan, Arvind Rathod, Urmila Bhatt, Narayan Rajgor, Devendra PAndit, Nalin Dave, Kalpana Diwan, Minal Patel, Kiran Pandya, Jayant Dave

Music D: Pankaj Bhatt

Producer: Govind Bhai Patel

Directed By : Abbas-Mustan


The movie starts with the Maharaja Vajendra Singh’s courtroom, where they are happy to announce and celebrate their Prince’s 1st birthday. His trusted man – Vikram Singh is given the post of Diwan, but this gets interrupted by the entry of King’s other trusted person, who says that Vikram Sing is not at all trustworthy and he has his eyes on king’s possessions.

There comes Vikram Singh and his friends plans to kill King and his family to take over the kingdom.

Watch this fantastic movie to know what happens next?

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