2 Idiots Gujarati Natak

Ninad Limye,
Bhakti Rathod,
Dimple Asher,
Kamlesh Oza

Director: Kamlesh Oza

Gautam Joshi,
Jitendra Joshi,
Rrutu Oza


4 months after their arranged marriage, Nishant and Payal are still exploring each other’s personality attributes. Their relationship and trust is put to test when Payal’s weird friend Hiralal (Kamlesh Oza) visits their house. Likewise, Nishant’s colleague Ketaki arouses suspicion in Payal’s mind. Both feel that they are no longer compatible. Will they go apart? Will this story have happy ending? Humorous play that conveys importance of love and relationship in light hearted manner.

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