Kul Deepak Family Gujarati Natak

Kul Deepak - Superhit Gujarati Family Natak

Sejal Shah,
Neha Prajapati,
Hitesh Sampat,
Mayur Bhavsar,
Shekhar Joshi,
Harish Panchal,
Mahesh Udeshi,
Rahul Antani,
Parth Desai

Director: Rahul Antani

Producer: Kaushal Shah

Writer: Imtiaz Patel


Sumitra Devi is looking for a surrogate mother who can give birth to her grandson (Kul Deepak) using preserved sperms of her deceased son. A lady named Priyanka approaches her for financial help for treatment of her terminally ill husband. Sumitra Devi offers help on the condition that she will agree for surrogacy. Having no choice, Priyanka signs an agreement for surrogacy. During Pregnancy, her husband passes away. Eventually, she gives birth to Sumitra Devi’s grandson but refuses to give custody of newborn baby to Sumitra Devi. What follows is long legal battle between Priyanka and Sumitra Devi. To know Priyanka’s fate, watch this soulful play.

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