Ek Soneri Sawar Buy DVD
Siddharth Randeria
Padmesh Pandit
Rohintan Chesam
Suraj Vyas
Sunil Visrani
Ravi Parmar
Vipra Rawal
Swati Shah
Director: Siddharth Randeria
Genre: Drama


Mr. Gandhi is the owner of Treckon Pharma. His daughter Sonam falls in love with Kishore, who is Gandhi's employee. Kishore changes the formula of the drug manufactured by Treckon without Gandhi's knowledge due to which a widow looses her son and she challenges Treckon in court. Mr. Gandhi learns that prolonged use of Treckon is harmful. A man of principles, Mr. Gandhi now faces a dilemma. On one is image of his company and his daughter's marriage with Kishore and on the other hand are his principles and justice to a widow. A story of justice and principles - Ek Soneri Savar.

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  1. Too many commercials every five minutes. It used to be only at the start of the segment. Now every five minutes there are 3 minutes of commercials. People will stop watching Gujarati Nataks and switch to English movies on line.