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Aliraza Namdar,
Mehul Buch,
Pravin Nayak,
Prashant Barot,
Master Deep Pathak,
Jitendra Sumra
Sharmili Raj,
Devyani Thakar

Director: Aliraza Namdar

Producer:Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

Release Year : 2008


Mihir and Urmi have recently shifted house. Mihir lives with his step brother Yagnesh, the consequence of his father’s extra marital affair. Yagnesh hates Mhir with all his being. He keeps tormenting Mihir and creates obstacles for him all the time. Yet Mihir keeps quiet. He has promised his dying father to look after Yagnesh. But Yagnesh keeps plotting not only to get Mihir’s wealth, but also his wife Urmi. But some one seems to be one step ahead of him all the time. Foiling his plans and stratagems. Who could it be?

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