Okha Haran

Mahesh Pandya,
Srikant Soni,
Pushpa Patel,
Mahesh Bhatt

Director: Bhupen Desai

Producer: Ramraj Nahta

Genre: Family, Devotional


Okha Haran is a devotional Gujarati Movie featuring Mahesh Pandya, Srikant Soni and many more. Though the history of chandravansh after the war of Mahabharat is not much known (at least by laymans), a grandson Of Lord krishna named Aniruddha (son of Pradyumna), has been kidnapped to Miser (Egypt) by Chitralekha for her best friend Okha (or Usha) who was a princess and daughter of Banasura and fascinated from Aniruddha (this tale is popular as OKHA-HARAN and people used to read it once at least during CHAITRA mas.

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