Bairi Maari Aatankwadi

Muni Jha,
Manisha Purohit,
Sandeep Sighvan,
Sweety Shah,
Sanjit Dhuri,
Sneha Daftari,
Arvind Upadhyay,
Ketan Trivedi & Sanchit

Producer: Dilip Somaiya

Director: Raj Patil

Writer: Raj Patil


Devendra (Muni Jha) is working as a manager in some company. He inherits a plot of land after death of his mother. When he receives offer of 300 crores from some company for this land, he kind of gets blown out of his mind. Devendra and his kids who have followed middle-class life style so far become real spendthrift. Devendra's wife Saroj wants to stop their reckless expenses, but noone pays heed to her. Unable to bear the situation, departed soul of Devendra's deceased mother possesses his wife's body and teaches all family members a lesson. Funny dialogues and hilarious PJs make audience burst into non-stop laughter.

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