Amaru Sarnamu Tame

Jatin and Seema are busy preparing for the arrival of their distant relative, Avinash. The couple is apprehensive about the visit, as Avinash is coming to see Mona, the couple's daughter. When Avinash arrives, Mona realizes he is her friend from school and the two take a trip down the memory lane. Mona asks Avinash about his childhood love Meenakshi, and why he failed to marry her? When Avinash says he surrendered before the opposition of his parents, Mona encourages him to find and marry Meenakshi. Jatin and Seema are elated at Mona after winning a singing competition. Their joys have no bounds, when Mona's music teacher Harry, informs her about getting an offer to sing for a film. Will Avinash be able to find his childhood love Meenakshi and marry her? How would Mona's parents react to this decision of her, where she is trying to get Avinash married to his love Meenakshi?


Deepak Gheewala,
Jibhit Trivedi,
Manish Parekh.,
Preeti Jain,
Raksha Desai,
Sameer Mehta,
Sanat Vyas,
Vikas Kadam

Genre: Drama

Writer: Aslam Parvez, Nilesh Rupapra

Director: Sharad Vyas

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