Hayla Ramila Pachi Aavi Gujarati NatakHaila Ramila Pachi Aavi


Bipesh Shah,
Jayesh Mutani,
Dimple Shah,
Neeta Vakhariya,
Falguni Desai

Director : Umesh Shukla

Writer : Jitendra Parmar

Synopsis :

Haayla Ramila Paachhi Aavi is an interesting tale of a family which is saved from troubles and behavioral tension by none but a family member herself, but only after she is dead.

Ramila, beautiful and comedy walks in to the family as the newly married bride. But this family is different. They live under one roof, but the individuals all walk to their own tunes and dreams. It is not a family as such. And Ramila tries to remedy that. While doing so she dies suddenly. Buddhisagar, the neighbouring tantric restores Ramila to life. But there is a catch. Her body is inhabited at different times, by different souls. This family is now in for some real confusion and chaos.

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