Ek Bhool Wonderful Gujarati Natak Buy DVDEk Bhool Wonderful

Aliraza Namdar,
Jeetu Mehta,
Vimal Upadhyay,
Uday Karande,
Jigish Vyas,
Pankaj Trivedi,
Amita Rajda,
Anuradha Kanabar

Director: Aliraza

Producer: Chetan Shah

Genre: Comedy


What do you do with a man who thinks his wife is a “wonderful mistake”? He is the typical male chauvinist. He lords it over his wife, his sister and even his mother. In his eyes woman are sub human. Then God steps in! He transforms the man and makes him undergo all the troubles and torments a woman has to undergo. Realization dawns on him. He understands that only a woman can give birth to a man like him. A man cannot...Watch this comedy natak.

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