Zamkuba Kathiawadi Gujarati Play Buy DVDZamkuba Kathiyawadi


Rajul Diwan
Jigesh Vyas
Karan Mehta
Jeetu Mehta
Jitendra Sumra
Kalpana Diwan
Sachi Joshi
Niyati Joshi
Jyothika Shah

Director: Manoj Shah


The Play portrays the stories of three modern lives in crisis – a young mother who nurtures everyone but herself, an overachieving husband who has forgotten what love means, and a movie maker desperate for the opportunity that will make him worthy in his own eyes. Every life has a turning point, a shift, a choice to make about what really matters.

It’s the story of the most important moments of your life – when you stop striving and start arriving! It’s the choice you make to move forward towards a life that gathers up the pieces of your best, most fulfilled, most loving self. It’s the moment when you start living a life rich with meaning and begin playing music you came here to play! This entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of meaning and purpose.

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