Raja Vaja Ne Varraja Gujarati Drama Buy DVDRaja Vaja Ne Varraja


Ashish Bhatt
Sanjay Shah
Parag Shah
Manisha Kanojia
Pooja Mehar

Director: Tushar Joshi

Producer: Sanjay Shah


Amar’s wife does not like him, just because he is a small town grocer. His friend Sameer, makes things worse in trying to help Amar. As if this state of affairs is not enough to drive one crazy, a totally unknown woman, Maya enters the picture and Amar’s life and wife are thrown for a toss.

Raja Vaja Ne Varraja - Gujarati Natak

Watch Part 1 to 11 (Playlist):

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  1. very good comedy natak with no vugarity or over acting.no boring moments.very good costumes n one stage set.very impressed.keep it up u r different not following prototype trend.contact me if interested in performing in uk n europe. A.A. promotions 0775747222